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Member turnout for the March 2016 "LIght Box"workshop conducted by Gordon Ripley was outstanding.   In addition to the "Light Box" workshop, the Brusa Brothers (Larry and Lee) brought multiple set-ups for members to dabble at "Still Life" photography.  Shutterbugs brought a bounty of floral bouquets as well as a varied selection of paraphernalia to photograph, and Darlene Spencer contributed a huge selection of props, many of them antiques,  all of which added to perfecting the art of composition and lighting to create beautiful images.

Thanks to all that put this workshop together.   It was thoroughly enjoyed by all and great success.


   Photos of NEShutterbugs taken at the March 2016 Workshop

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  • Slide the volume control to either reduce or increase the volume
  • Note::  Because this is a montage/slideshow images do not have the enlargement feature
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