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About Us

                                                   Our Mission Statement

The mission of the New England Shutterbugs is to serve our members by encouraging development of their photographic skills through education, exhibitions of photographic accomplishments, friendships of others who share a love of photography, and to share our talents with individuals and organizations within our community.

2018 -2019

NEShutterbugs Officers

President                         Sandy Carney
Vice President                Rita Collins
Secretary                       Eric Johnson
Treasurer                       Donna Miller

Executive Board Members

  • Dan Cox - Past President
  • Ellly Legros
  • Bill Lorigan
  • Gordon Ripley

Committee Chairperson

  • Annual Banquet/Winter Party                                     Elly Legro
  • Competition Coordinator                                               Mary Brown
  • Exhibit Coordinator                                                         Bill Lorigan
  • Facebook Coordinator                                                   Sheila Sheehan
  • Member Packets                                                           Sandy Carney
  • NECCC Representative                                                 Darlene Spencer
  • Paul Carlson Print Coordinator                                      Bill Lorigan
  • Projectionist                                                                   Mary Brown
  • PSA Representative                                                     TBD
  • Publicity Coordinator                                                    Bev Fratoni
  • Refreshments                                                               Susan Baribeau
  • Scavenger Hunt                                                           June Duprey
  • Trips Coordinators                                                       GordonRipley/MikeCormier
  • Webmaster                                                                  Rita Collins
    Welcome Chairperson                                                 Elly Legro

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