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Annette Tolle
January 2019
Featured Member

Annette has been a member of the NEShutterbugs since October 2017.  In order to learn more about how to use her recently purchased Nikon Coolpix camera, her friend Sheila Sheehan (an avid photographer and member of the NEShutterbugs) encouraged  her to attend a meeting  (prior to joining Annette was using a point and shoot camera).  A warm welcome from the membership and the then presiding President, Dan Cox, made her feel comfortable instantly. She joined the club after attending her first meeting.

Through various competitions and lectures her familiarity with photography terms has broadened.  Terms like: depth of field, leading lines, S Curve, Groups of 3, etc are no longer strangers, she now refers and uses them with ease. With the encouragement and assistance from fellow "Bugs" the challenges of learning the ins and outs of her Nikon Coolpix camera are in the past, and she continues to make great strides with her editing abilities in PhotoShop.

Annette's extensive travels from New England, Florida, Haiti and other interesting places enable her the opportunities to capture images of unique flowers and interesting architecture - some of her favorite subjects to photograph.   Of the four season, Fall is on the top of her list, especially Fall in Vermont.  On a recent trip to Vermont she snaped a photo of the Shelbourne Museum securing her first place honors in a club competition.

Annette is looking forward to the upcoming member trips where she can enjoy not only the travels and the photo opportunities, but the time spent with her NEShutterbug friends.



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