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Beverly Fratoni

February 2019
Featured Member

Beverly’s first fascination with cameras happened at an early age when her aunt brought home one of the first Polaroid instant film cameras. She’d watch the picture slide out of the camera, wait the necessary minutes, then pull off the cover paper, and see a scene emerge...Magic!

After high school Bev worked as a printer for Berkey Photo for several years, a local commercial photography developing company. She enjoyed printing everything from family photos to police department crime scene photos, 'til it got a little old hat, and decided to go to college.

Her first 35mm was a Canon AE1 that helped her document her sons childhood. When her love for visual art turned to oil painting and watercolors, her camera was constantly used for taking reference photos. She started a business, doing pen and inks of peoples’ homes, also using photos for reference. She is a long time member of the Leominster Art Association, and began to see the photos as another form of art. 

Beverly joined the “Shutterbugs” about four years ago to learn more about taking photographs. She loves the camaraderie of the club. Competition nights forced her to practice taking all sorts of pictures, and soon her hikes and vacation trips were filled with the challenge of getting the perfect shot! These days, her outdoor time is filled with both painting scenes and photographing them.

Bev has served as the Publicity Chairperson for 4 years assuring that the Club's current events are provided to local communities.

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