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Ginette and Adeline Hebert

December 2018
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Ginette, Adeline and Watson

An interest in photography is shared by Ginetter Hebert and her granddaughter Adeline.  As members of the NEShutterbugs they enjoy a little extra time together participating in an interest that they both love.
Ginette Hebert

After retiring, Ginette transformed her front yard into a perennial and shrub garden. The garden was her hobby and over the years her garden grew as she added more space to it. All along she photographed flowers, birds and critters in her garden. She had always documented family events and trips as well. However, in September 2015, she truly wanted to improve her photographic skills and joined the NEShutterbugs.  Her granddaughter, Adeline joined the club the following year.  For Ginette, it has been great having Adeline come with her to the club meetings and to discuss photography.

Initially Ginette only used an automatic camera but in June 2016 she bourght a Canon EOS Rebel camera. Up until this Fall, Ginette was shooting in Aperture or Shutter Priorities depending on the results she wanted. Now she shoot manual. Her lens of choice is the Tamron 18-400mm F3.5-6.3 Zoom Lens. She has learned a great deal from the club through the competition, critiques and some presentations by invited guests or members of the club.

Photos by Ginette Hebert
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Adeline Hebert

Adeline Hebert is a senior in high school. She believe that photography is an art. Adeline joined the NEShutterbugs a few years ago to spend more time with her grandmother. Her grandmother gave Adeline her old camera to use when we were out and about. They love to go on day trips and take photos, then come back home to edit them. They help each other and bond over similar scores in the monthly competition. She has learned a lot along the way because she started with no information - even about how a camera works. She loves to take nature photography, but more recently has been spending time capturing family, friends, and interesting things she find along the way. She find that the best way to photograph is to just take photos of subjects that she loves and finds important, instead of thinking about competitions. In fact, the photos she has scored the best in happened to be the ones that she has taken with her cell phone while walking around!

Photos by Adeline Hebert
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