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"The Brusa Brothers"

Larry Brusa and Lee Brusa

December 2018
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A per chance meeting in Stow, MA in the Fall of 2012 at a reenactment of the Civil War is where and when Larry and Lee met a member who encouraged them to join the club...the rest is history!  They grew up with a dad who was an avid photograph that passed his knowledge and love for photography to his sons.  Both have a passion for the art of the camera with their own individual approach and style.

In the years that Larry and Lee have been with the NEShutterbugs they have found a family of friends where they wholeheartedly share their knowledge and enthusiasm for photography. 

Larry Brusa

Larry's interest in photography started at a fairly young age. His father was an amateur photographer and was always taking family pictures. Larry bought his first camera at the age of 18 and was drawn particularly to landscapes and seascapes. 

He joined the Army at age 20 and was able to purchase a better camera to photograph friends and the environment in Germany.  After he was discharged Larry purchased a twin lens Mamiya that enabled him to take better pictures.

Over the years he has had many cameras and continues his love of photographing landscapes, wildlife and family.   He has been a member of several other camera clubs but he said that best club he has belonged to is the NEShutterbugs!

Over 2 years ago Larry suffered a severe stroke and though he is limited in what he can do with a camera, his brother Lee helps him when in he is in need.  Larry's passion for photography has never waivered.  He had switched to Nikon cameras some time ago, but since the stroke, he has been shooting with an iPad. 
Photos by Larry Brusa
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                                                           Lee Brusa

Lee Brusa has been around photography all his life. His dad was an amateur photographer and had a darkroom in the house.  In 1968, while on leave to Japan from Vietnam, he bought his first 35mm Pentax camera.  When discharged from the service Lee was fortunate to get job with Honeywell Computers to work in the Photo Department. In 1972 he left Honeywell to join Data General where he set up the photo lab and became involved in industrial photography for the next several years.  Along with his full time job, wedding photography became an interest and a sideline. During his stay at Data General his Pentax was stolen and  he then invested in a Nikon. Eventually he tired of
wedding photography and did less photography for several years.  Time moved on and approximately 10 years ago his love and interest in photography resurfaced and he put his semi-retired Nikon camera back to work.  He finds wildlife and landscapes to be especially satisfying.  Lee feels that the NE Shutterbugs has been a wonderful experience and that the members have all become like family.  Lee is a proactive member of the club, has served on the Executive Board, presented workshops, led members trips, and is always eager to learn about photography and enjoys teaching others as well.


Photos by Lee Brusa
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