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Susan Sanderson
March 2019
Featured Member

Susan Sanderson is a master photographer and a founding member of the NEShutterbugs.  During her years with the club Susan has offered her endless support serving as Treasurer, Competition Chairperson and Trip Coordinator.  She is usually in the driver seat on club trips whether it be a day's journey or a long distance photo expedition.  If you visit her home you will be greeted by a flock of chickens including "Rod" the rooster (named after Susan's favorite Rock 'n Roll singer, Rod Stewart)! Look a little further and you will see a small covered stall where her beloved adopted donkey is well taken cared of.  Her travels have taken her from Australia, the Florida Everglades, various National Parks, and one her very favorite vacation getaways, St. John Island, VI (she loves the island's perfect year round warm weather).  All of these locations as well as places close to home including the many beautiful New England states are subjects that Susan has captured using her ever ready Nikon camera.  Her varied eclectic interests are reflected in the photos featured on this page.

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